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See a panda in real life

Have you watched the Hollywood movie Kong Fu Panda? Do you want to see a panda in real life? Travel to China this spring, and make a chance to see this adorable creature. Southwest China is the hometown of pandas. However you are also able to see this charming animal in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong etc. In China, the panda is loved by local people as one of the symbols of the nation. Any tourist who leaves China without having a glimpse of panda is really hard to believe. Pack your luggage, and go on a China tour. Grasp this spring season to enjoy an easy holiday, because time waits for no man!

Panda Garden in the Beijing Zoo
There are exciting destinations to see a panda in real life. If you determine to have a Beijing tour to start your China vacation and want to have a green and environmental experience, make sure to add Beijing Zoo into your destination list. Here the first early pandas come during the Asian game in 1990. Ever since Beijing Olympic game in 2008, eight new pandas are on display. All of these pandas are from Wolong Panda Reserve of Sichuan Province.

Besides the panda, Beijing zoo is also a place to go and to admire all kinds of animals. After a visit to Beijing Zoo, you can choose other places in Beijing to make your trip fulfill. Check out multi-choices in Beijing at You can drop by at Summer Palace, Lama Temple and a lot of other attractions. Enjoy the amazing landscape in Summer Palace, which is known for the imperial garden. If you go to the Lama Temple, don’t forget to make wishes. It is said that Buddha will then help you to make dreams come true and luck will go all the way with you. In China, there are other locations to visit pandas, like Shanghai Wild Animal Zoo, Guangzhou Zoo, Hongkong Ocean Park and so on.

Chengdu Panda Base
With a long history of evolution, the giant panda is regarded as the "living fossil". Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, short for Chengdu Panda Base, is a wonderful place to check out all the history, stories and details of pandas. It will make a fabulous day out for family, friends and especially someone who are in China on vacation. When you see those pandas play that leisurely, that also makes you feel carefree and relaxed.

We know that pandas take bamboo as food, but can you believe they also eat carrots? You won’t find it all out until you finally are there. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, short for Chengdu Panda Base, is a wonderful place to check out all the history, stories and details of pandas. You can also go to Bifengxia panda base to meet pandas. After the Panda Base, it is worth a visit to Mountain Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha, and enjoy the wonderful food in Chengdu. Sichuan cuisine is famous for its delicious spicy food including the well-known hotpot, Kungpao Chicken and a lot more. If you look at people life's in Chengdu, you will see that people are very relaxed. In Chengdu you will be able to forget the things at worry you and you will be able to follow the pace of pleasure.

As you are in Chengdu, don’t forget to really consider going to Jiuzhaigou for sightseeing. That’s a place that was listed on the World Bio-sphere Reserve. Jiuzhaigou is the very attraction where you will fully enjoy the stunning waterfalls and the surprising charm of the nature fairyland. Human and nature in Jiuzhaigou are in peace and harmony. The valleys are deep and the lakes are clean. Cannot wait to go? Wanna build your own trip around Chengdu? You can take a look at It won’t be very crowded in this spring season. Seize the wonderful chance to start planning your China trip. You will never regret every minute here.

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