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Hongkong makes a vacation come true

If you are in a vacation, among so many cool places of China, you can name any reason of any city you plan to go. Whether it is Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an or Guilin, there are a lot more to list on the top China travel destinations. With all these selections, there is one name always attracting the world's attention, not only for its long history and the profound culture, but also for its modern growth and its fashionable life style. The name of the magic city is Hongkong. 

A General Look of Hong Kong

When many tourists firstly travel to Hongkong, they found themselves very impressed by the famous landmarks and history. In the Hongkong tour, you can have panoramic views of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the surrounding islands at the Victoria Peak. Through the Repulse Bay, the famous fishing village of Aberdeen could be the second destination. In the well-known Stanley Market, you can pick up bargains at just a fraction of the price in town. In Hongkong, the shopping paradise for all of us, you could also go to a prestigious jewelry factory. There are the best craftsmen for popular meticulous works of art from gold and gems.

A General Look of Hong KongPeak Tram Route& Victoria Peak

Peak Tram is like the most excited things in the world. Pulled by steel cables, the tram climbs 373 meters. It's so steep that the buildings you pass look like they're leaning at a 45° angle! Getting there is an unforgettable trip. Surely you'll love this experience. Looking down from the Victoria Peak, Peak you'll be amazed by the spectacular view of the world-famous Victoria Harbor and Kowloon, the surrounding city skyline, towering skyscrapers and peaceful green hillsides.

Good Food to Enjoy

Pineapple bread, the brown-yellow roasted of real pineapple; special shrimp har gow, the crystal dumpling with intact shrimps and a thin wrap; fish balls, beef balls and many delicious food, you are in tons of choices just for a meal. That's the Hongkong style of food. The soft flavor of mousse melting, the freshness you will taste at the first bite, you will not resist the yummy food there. It doesn't matter if you are the early birds just to grab something to eat, the street food carts are able to serve your new day with full of energy. It is an also great recommendation to have lunch at the Jumbo Floating Restaurant, Hongkong's most renowned floating restaurants, because this old tradition is still quite popular in Hongkong people's life.

Hongkong Nights,the City that Never Sleeps

The night market at the Temple Street is quite popular. It is known for one of the busiest flea markets. In your night out in Honkong, you could take the Open Top Bus to enjoy the night view of the fabulous city. There is the Guinness World Record for the symphony of lights as Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show. To see the Victoria Harbor at night, you could also join the buffet on a cruise, where usually magnificent shows play. See those nice Hongkong trips on The stunning light and sound show combines interactive lights of 44 key buildings on both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

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Source: China Daily Those who reach the summit find Mount Wangwu dwarfs all the rest for a majestic view.

Old stories say that Huangdi, the legendary ancestor of all Chinese, once offered sacrifices to heaven from Tiantan Peak and finally managed to unite the Middle Kingdom by defeating Chiyou, another legendary figure, with divine support.
Meanwhile, Mount Wangwu has held the top position among the "10 blessed paradises" in the Taoist world since the Tang Dynasty (AD 618- 907).

Many Taoist temples dot the mountain. Yangtai Palace, at the foot of Tiantan Peak, is the most famous. First built in the Tang Dynasty, the temple is just as much a work of art as it is a center for religion.

Its main hall, the pavilion-style Yuhuang Palace, impresses all, with its elegant stretching eaves, which resemble the wings of birds about to take flight. Carved on its stone pillars are lifelike images of people, animals and landscapes.
Mount Wangwu boasts various geological marvels and became a world geological park in 2006.

Volcanic rocks of strange shapes and various sizes in Xiaogoubei Valley bear witness to the region's transformation from ocean to mountain.

The multicolored rocks surrounding the site are known as "five-color rocks".

The tale of goddess Nuwa mending the broken sky with the "five-color rocks" is a Chinese version of the creation myth and is acknowledged as having its roots here. The legend is listed as a national intangible cultural heritage.
The Three Gorges on the Yellow River are about 20 km from Mount Wangwu and can be seen on a good day.

The landscapes along the gorges, with chains of mountains competing in beauty, are a rare blend of water and peaks, especially in North China. Each of the gorges has its own unique facets.

All you need to do is board a cruise ship at the dock and feast your eyes. As the ship barrels down the river, the waterway changes in width, height and color.
The Yellow River also reveals her peaceful side here. Birds sing, and sunbeams play over the mountains. It is like being in a landscape scroll painting.
The 20-km cruise will take you to another scenic splendor - the Xiaolangdi hydro-junction, the largest water-control project on the river.

The 1,667-meter-long rock-filled dam is not only a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering but also a spectacle that shows off the strength of the Yellow River.

It stands as a monument to Chinese people and their efforts to harness the river. Visitors who wish to check at close quarters can take a walk on the dam.

When the water is discharged, tremendous fountains spurt from the valves with a thunderous roar. Breathtaking waterfalls, dozens of meters high, then sweep down like thick clouds and engulf everything below.

Xitang, a small island spotted with village cottages, is located just 4 km downstream from the sluices. The only inhabited island on the 5,464-km-long Yellow River is certainly enchanting.

A walk around the farmhouses half hidden by leafy green trees will calm you down after the water show at Xiaolangdi.
Due to its unique location, the island is home to flocks of water birds, too. Strangely, perhaps, the island has never flooded.

As dusk falls, birds warble and boats return home, giving the place the feeling this is a "Peach Blossom Valley", a haven of perfect peace in Chinese romances.


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