Chengdu Cuisine


Bang Bang Chicken
(Bang bang ji) is a traditional local dish that actually originated in Leshan, and was introduced to Chengdu in 1920. To prepare this dish a flaming stick is used to reheat a cooked chicken so that the meat becomes light and flaky. The chicken is served with sesame and soy sauce. This is one of the tastiest cold dishes in Chengdu and less spicy than many others which are popular here.
Guoba Roupian
(Guoba Roupian) is a special dish unique to Chengdu. This tasty dish arrives at your table in two separate parts; a golden crust of cooked rice in one bowl and hot sauce in another. The hot sauce is immediately poured on the rice which crackles at the sensation!
Hot Pot
Hotpot is very popular in Chengdu, and is known for its spicy and hot flavor which can make the tasters tongue go numb! Hotpot once was only served up at home to the family but is now hugely popular throughout Chengdu on the street and in restaurants.
There are numerous different flavors available including lamb and fish hot pot. This is particularly nice in the winter as the spiciness is very warming! To eat a hot pot, just grab some friends, chuck in the pot what you fancy eating and wait for it to cook!
Fuqi feipian
(fuqi feipian) is a cold dish unique to Sichuan that was created by an affectionate couple fifty years ago.
Literally translated, the name of the dish means "Couples Lungs" but in fact, the dish is not made from lungs but other inner parts. The meat is stewed in soy sauce and then served with chili oil, pepper, sesame and peanut.