Xian Dumpling Banquet


Dumpling, or Jiaozi in Chinese, is one of the most representative Chinese food. The food can be dated back two thousands years ago. It is quite popular in China, and also loved by most of foreign tourists.

The most famous restaurant serving dumping in Xian is called Defachang. It has many special dishes, but the dearest is jiaozi made of Shark"s fin. Another kind of jiaoze as big as a small fingertip filled with chicken meat. It is called a pearl jiaoze and is boiled in a hotpot of chrysanthemum soup. About this, there is a vivid story that when Empress Dowager Ci Xi came to the city asking her cook to provide her with a new taste. The cook prepared this kind of Jiaozi to please her. She was much pleased. She ate three, six or nine in number, which is regarded in China as meaning good luck.

The restaurant-- Defachang, is an old local restaurant located near to the Bell Tower. The Chinese-style restaurant is always full because of its fame. What is more, you also can enjoy your dumpling over traditional Chinese music!