Beijing Mongolian Hotpot


Mongolian hot pot was originated from northern nomadic tribes. The Chinese hot pot boasts a history of more than 1000 years and became popular during the Tang Dynasty [628-907 target=_blank>. In the following dynasties, the cooking style was used by imperial chefs in the middle of 17th century. Mutton hot pot became a favorite for royal family. You"re prepared with slices of raw mutton. You can put them into the boiling water in the hot pot placed in the middle of the table of the table, coat them with a do-it-yourself sauce, and start eating. The pot itself is made of brass, with a wide outer rim where charcoal burns to heat liquid.

The most famous Mongolian hot-pot restaurant is Donglaishun Hotpot Restaurant. Besides, there are lots of smaller restaurants serving Mongolian hot-pot.