The Bund

The Bund is the most famous sightseeing spot in Shanghai. The Waibaidu Bridge, the long embarkment along the Huangpu River and the imposing array of tall buildings known as "an international architectural exhibition" together form a symbol of this great metropolis of the East. The Bund has always been closely linked with the development of Shanghai. In the past years, the Bund has undergone great changes that surprise even the native Shanghaiese-- it has suddenly become wider, bigger and more beautiful. If we say the history of Shanghai is the epitome of the history of modern China, the history of Bund can be considered the epitome of the history of modern Shanghai. It is one of the most romantic settings in the city.

Scenic Spots
The Bund Observatory, Gallery of World Architecture, Waibaidu Bridge(former Garden Bridge 1907), Huangpu Park, Monument to the People's Heros, Tourist Tunnel at the Bund, Chen Yi Square.