Terminal 3 of Beijing Airport Opens

On 29 Feb, 2008, the Terminal 3 building in Beijing Capital International Airport will be put into operation. It is the largest single-block airport terminal in the world. Six airlines would first use it – Shandong Airlines (SC), Sichuan Airlines (3U), Austrilian Airlines (OS), Qantas Airways (QF), Qatar Airways (QR), British Airways (BA), El Al Israel Airlines (LY). After operation, the passengers can take the southern line of the airport expressway for direct arrival into this new terminal.


The total building area of T3 is about 1 million square meters, and has three zones – C, D, and E. Zone C is for the Chinese domestic passengers and international passengers to check in,  domestic flight departure, and luggage checkout for domestic and international flights. Zone D would be used in the near future for plane chartering during the Olympics. Zone E is for departure and arrival of international flights.


The original Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 would be renamed as TA and TB. TA would be used by Grand China Air, while TB would be used by China South Airlines, China East Airlines, and their foreign allied airlines. This deployment would greatly elevate the operation efficiency of the airport.


On 26 March, 27 domestic and foreign airlines would transfer to Terminal 3 for their operation, which account for 45% of the total passengers of Beijing Capital International Airport.


Before the Olympics, four express transportation lines would be available for the passengers travel between the city center and the airport.