Route and schedule

After Germany, Poland and the Baltic States this northern route to China goes through difficult areas such as the Ural Mountains and the endless taiga of Siberia. In the Asian part of Russia, we pass the legendary Lake Baikal, which is for most of the year frozen, then we drive towards Mongolia.
The route in Mongolia makes the challenge complete by the total lack of infrastructure, particularly in the very dry Gobi Desert where the participants and their cars are subject to extreme conditions, participants should therefore be very well prepared!
During the rally we will mostly overnight in middleclass hotels. In the desert of Mongolia however, we will have to sleep in traditional nomad tents…
Once the Mongolian-Chinese border is reached, all cars will get Chinese licenseplates and the participants have to apply -on the spot- for their Chinese driver’s license!
In China we will take the direction of the Great Wall where, after the cold, snow, ice and mud in Russia, the sandstorms and heat in the Mongolian Gobi desert, the participants hope to arrive on June 2nd, 2012. Here, a cheque with the raised funds will be handed over to Terre des Hommes. Once arrived in Beijing, the cars will be prepared for their transport back to the Netherlands and all teams fly back home!