Reopening of National Museum of China

The national museum was built in 2003 and then in 2007 began its renovation and expansion project, investing 2.5 billion Yuan. Now it plans to reopen to the public on 17 Mar. 2011, after 3.5 years closing for the project.

The new National Museum of China extends an additional 40 meters eastward with three new floors, one above and two below ground, making the size expanded from the original 65,000 square meters to the present 192,000 square meters. Now it is reported to be the world’s largest museum in terms of square meters.

What’s more, the number of exhibition rooms has increased to 49, including an Asia room, Africa room, Europe room and America rooms for international exhibitions. Last February, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage transferred more than 390,000 cultural relics to the National Museum of China, making its total collection up to 1.05 million.

It is reported that the National Museum will held its first exhibition with theme of “Illuminative Arts” after reopen. It co-hosted with three major German museums, including the Berlin National Museum, the Dresden National Art Collection Museum and the Bavarian State Picture Galleries. 

It is believed that the brand world class new National Museum will become a place to enjoy the great cultural and spiritual treasures for both Chinese and foreign visitors.