Tang Dynasty Palace Reborn at Expo

The construction of Xi'an Pavilion, a real size reproduction of a Tang Dynasty palace more than 10 centuries ago, was completed in Shanghai World Expo site yesterday. 

Visitors to the pavilion can enjoy Tang Dynasty dancing and singing, watch a movie showing the Daming Palace from that ancient time and a park to be built on the site, and an exhibition of relics unearthed at the Daming Palace site. The Xi'an Pavilion is at the north block in Urban Best Practice Area of the Expo site. 

Jing Junhai, vice governor of Shaanxi Province, and Duan Xiannian, vice mayor of Xi'an, attended the construction completion ceremony. 

The original two-storey Qifeng Ge covering a floor area of 763 square meters was west of the main palace of the Daming Palace, the center of politics, economics and culture during the Tang Dynasty (618–907 AD). In the 280 years of its existence, the Daming Palace functioned as the hub of international communication. More than 17 Tang-Dynasty emperors have lived and presided over government affairs from the palace.