Two Sessions Drawing Near

February 26, in Beijing Umechi Asia hotel in 2010 two of China's National Information Center was officially open to the media. 

This year's "two sessions" press interviews at home and abroad handbook provides a variety of media, download, reflects the low-carbon, energy saving and environmental protection concepts. China news agency Fa Zhang Photo China news agency, Beijing, February 26 (Reporter Fu Yongkang) - 26, Asia Hotel in Beijing Mei to the 2010 Chinese National "two sessions" News Center was officially open to the media, journalists at the scene to see the morning that staff have a good layout of the Press Hall, interviews reception room, telecommunication network service rooms in the workplace to meet the upcoming two sessions, "media war."

According to press center staff, at present there are domestic and foreign journalists have come one after another report, the media is still the total number of enrollment statistics being. Information, interviews last year, "two sessions" journalist of more than 3,000 people, including foreign journalists more than 800 people, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan press 440.

26 Open the first day of the second floor press release room for domestic and foreign, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan media, also has been completed and work area. Journalists in the Third Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress telecommunications network service room to see more than 10 journalists have arrived early, to enter the work state. Radio Television Hong Kong senior reporter CHAN Miu Ling told reporters that the station's two already in place, is for the "two sessions" to prepare for.