Floral Spring at Beijing’s Suburbs

Following the Spring Festival is the start of China's Lunar New Year, which marks the return of spring and the start of new life. Staying home sounds quite dull on a sunny day, so we recommend several places in Beijing's suburbs where you can pick some fresh flowers, even in this somewhat chilly early spring.

1. Fu Laoer Flower Garden

Located in north Beijing's Shunyi District, Fu Laoer Flower Garden boasts dozens of greenhouses where you can find many different fresh flowers as well as vegetables and fruits. Many of the flowers in the fields will stay fresh at least ten days, and fresh lilies can even last one month.

2. Luo Wa Farmland

Among the various fresh fruits waiting for picking, the most attractive ones may be the big, red, delicious strawberries. What makes these strawberries so tasteful is that Luo Wa Farmland uses surplus milk from their cows to water them, so it's no wonder these strawberries grow so well.

Besides fruit picking, the farmland also provides many activities to help you fully stretch your body and release your spirit. Play with cows, horses, sheep and a Tibetan Mastiff, or even ride a horse.

After so much fun, it is recommended that you spoil yourself with something different from your everyday fare, and the house special at Luo Wa Farmland includes various dishes made from soybean products. You can also have the vegetables and fresh fruits you picked to go with your dinner.
Driving route: Take the Jingcheng Expressway and exit at Ma Po. Turn left at Ma Juan Road, it's on Chen Ya Road.