Volvo Bant - Beijing Trip 2008

Starting from 5 July, 157 Dutch & Belgian drivers drove 75 volvo cars of their own & 1 techinical equipment truck from Bant in Netherlands of Europe to Beijing in China of Asia. The trip took 25 days with itinerary through Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Mongolian to China, with distance of around 12,000 KM in total.
Following to the arrival at Erenhot, the city on the boader between China and Mongolia, the group drove through Erenhot, Jining and Datong on 29 July. Then all participants took bus to Beijing for sightseeing as well as taking part in Olympics events.








Customer Check










The First  China Photo 










Cars at Dinosaur Gate, Erlian











Car Maintenance










Rush Hour Processing











Ready to Proceed 










A Break on The Way










On The Highway










At The Great Wall










Farewell Dinner




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