The National Grand Theater

Last week, some of our sales representatives paid a visit to the National Center for the Performing Arts ( China ), formerly known as National Grand Theater, which was officially opened on December 2007. Here we have some information to share with  you. 
The National Grand Theater is located right to the west of Tian'anmen Square, the Great Hall of the People, and near the Forbidden City.  
The theater looks like a floating egg on the water, so passing a 80-meter long corridor under the water, people can get inside the three main halls of the theater by taking an elevater from a hall named Olive Hall. 
*The Opera Hall
is in the middle, used for Operas, Ballet, and Dances and accommodates 2,416 including tickets for standing up.
*The Music Hall is to the east, used for large-scale Ochestra, Symphony accommodates 2,017 seats.
*The Theater Hall is to the west, used for Plays and the Peking opera, It has 1,040 seats.
The above three main halls are independent to each other, but there are also hanging corridors connecting with each other. Except these three professional halls, there is a small hall named Experimental Theater. It also includes long corridor under the water, Exhibition Hall, Olive Hall, Documentary Center, News & Bulletin Hall, Coffee Hall and Souvenir Center ect., which indeed have provided a spacious and comfortable area for the audiences.
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Tickets can be purchased from the Ticekting center at every entrance of the theater.
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The National Grand Theater provides Obstcle Free Channel for disables, and it alos has comprehensive facilities like Powder Rooms, Exercise Rooms for Phiharmonic, Prop Rooms, and Waiting Chamber etc. for distinguished audiences.
The National Grand Theater has strict security check system. A handbag can be carried by the audiences, but no camera is allowed to be brought in, and the photo-taking is absolutely prohibited during the performance.  After the security check, on your right side, cloakrooms can be found for the visitors to keep their overcoats there.