A scenic area in Kaiping

Kaiping is a down close to Shaoguan City in the northern part of Guangdong Province. Because of its strategic location but poorer economic developement in the history, many people living in Kaiping emigrated to Europe & America among the first group of Chinese migrate workers. With generations passed, the wealthy descendants returned to their hometown mainly in 18th and 19th centuries, bringing good fortune and bad fortune back to families.
The good fortune is of course the money they took back, which was used to offer better living conditions to the people at the hometown. However, it also arose the attentions of the thieves and bandits. Looking at their relatives being killed because of the money brought back, the descendants realized the importance and decided to build the new houses in blockhouse style, which is called "Diao Lou", literately means buidling like watertowers.
Up till now, there still exist about 1,833 "Diao Lou"s in Kaiping's 16 townships, typically in the township of Tangkou, Baihe, Xiangang and Chikan in the central plain. Five of them have been nominated to be listed for application for world cultural heritage from this area. They demonstrate the earliest and most representative Diao Lou, especially those built in their most booming time.
Diao Lou combines the building style of both Chinese and Western ones and reveals the history of Southern Chinese families lifes between 17th and 19th Century. All in all, these Diao Lou are all major historical and cultural sites in Kaiping and serves as typical ideal places for lovers of photograph.